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Yamaha Piano Prices, Yamaha Player Piano or Yamaha Digital Grand Piano

"Yamaha piano prices and comparison for yamaha clavinova digital piano, yamaha upright piano or yamaha baby grand piano"

Yamaha pianos have a long-standing reputation for both excellent quality and value. Yamaha has a huge choice of pianos, both acoustic and digital,that will cater to almost every taste and budget.


Upright pianos start with the 44" M460 console to the 52" U3 professional upright designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician.

The Yamaha grand piano comes in nine different sizes and a variety of different finishes in their Classic, Conservatory, Conservatory-Concert and Handcrafted-Concert Collection.

Yamaha Piano Prices - New

A basic acoustic upright piano will start at around $3,700 up to around $15,000.


Yamaha grand piano prices start at around $12,000 for a yamaha baby grand piano and rise up to well over $100,000 for a full concert grand.

yamaha-c7-grand piano

Yamaha's range of digital pianos is extensive and with a wide range in price; the Yamaha YDPS31 Arius Personal Digital Piano is one of the cheapest costing around $850; the basic model in the Clavinova range will start at around $2,700; while the Modus range is priced around the $5,800.

You can also of course find the 'portable' yamaha keyboards like the Yamaha CP300 digital piano for $2,000.

Yamaha Player Piano Prices


At the upper end of the scale is the Yamaha Disklavier which has 'playback' features, starting at around $25,000 and up.

Yamaha Used Piano Prices

If you're on a budget, you can find plenty of second-hand, or 'as new' yamaha pianos for a significantly reduced price. There are plenty of pianos on the market that are selling for half the cost of the equivalent new piano - in fact prices can be greatly reduced, with dealers offering longer warranties.


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