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Used Piano Prices, Used Grand Pianos

Understanding used piano prices: used grand pianos, used piano price guide and used piano values

Looking to buy, or sell, used grand pianos can be a daunting task. It is difficult to find out what the most realistic piano values are, whether you are looking for used baby grand pianos or an antique grand piano.


Used grand pianos are not necessarily cheaper than buying a brand new one - and they may not come with a warranty, either.

Sometimes you can find 'cheap' used grand pianos for sale on ebay or craigslist - but I would be EXTREMELY wary of these. Many people have been scammed.

I would recommend finding a reputable dealer who has experience in selling, and restoring, used grand pianos and other types of pianos.

New Or Used Grand Pianos? Used Piano Values

It's important to think first about the reason why used grand pianos might be the right (or wrong) choice for you.

For example, if you're looking for something 'cheap', a used piano is not necessarily less than a new one.

If it's 'character' you're looking for however, then an antique grand piano is something that you might like to consider.


Used Grand Piano Prices

A used Kawai piano is popular in the resale market; Yamaha and Steinway pianos for sale continue to be high in demand as well.

If you're looking specifically for an antique grand piano, there are literally hundreds more manufacturers to choose from.

Used Piano Prices

I've done lots of research on grand piano prices for friends and family over many years. From what I've seen, grand piano prices seem to range from around $4,000 and up; used baby grand pianos, such as George Steck, have been bought for less.

I've seen a Yamaha grand piano on sale for less than $5,000; a Baldwin for just under $10,000, or a Bechstein for under $15,000.

Steinway pianos for sale can start as low as $10,000 and head up to the $30,000 mark and higher.

You can also find a used Kawai piano at all sorts of prices, usually between $6,000 and $25,000 or higher.

What you get for your money is a different question. On the odd occasion you can be lucky and find a real bargain. In other instances, you can buy a piano for a few thousand, then find out (when it's too late) that it previously lived in a house where there was a flood, making the piano virtually worthless and un-useable!

So, I'll reiterate what I believe, and the approach that I always take myself - contact your nearest, reputable, piano dealer, for expert advice. The world of used grand pianos and used piano prices is full of so many pitfalls, grey areas and landmines, it is simply too difficult a task to take on yourself!

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