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Suzuki Digital Piano

A suzuki digital piano is often recommended for beginners.

Is this the best choice, though?

Opinion is very divided on whether they are good quality and value for money.


The Suzuki brand is usually associated with motorcyles, suzuki piano lessons or the suzuki method, however I have found that digital pianos are a different story!

In my experience, I haven't been very impressed with their quality - the sound, and feel of the keys just feels a bit flimsy to me.

Yes, they can be cheap, so if you're on a tight budget they can be appealing. But you can find other digital pianos, which are far superior in touch and sound, at the same price.

Why have a suzuki when you can have a casio or yamaha instead? That's my feeling, anyway.

So I will be honest here, I don't personally recommend them to my students.

Just remember this is my own opinion....the best thing to do is visit your local piano store and try one yourself, so you can see, feel and hear the difference.

(And if you come across a digital piano sale and they are trying to convince you to buy a suzuki, beware!!)

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