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Steinway Pianos For Sale - Buyers Guide

Steinway Pianos For Sale: Steinway Baby Grand Piano, Steinway Upright and helpful info

Steinway & Sons are widely considered to be the finest pianos in the world.


Fully rebuilt and refinished 'vintage 'area' Steinway pianos are the trend at the moment, and are considered a better investment than buying a brand new piano (you may have noticed that the vast majority of piano retailers specialise in used Steinway pianos rather than new).


Some of the best vintage Steinways date from 1900 to World War II, when the level of craftmanship was at its peak (called "The Golden Age of Pianos").

Steinway grand pianos range in size from 5'1" to 8'11". Used piano prices can start from around $15,000 and go up from there, depending on size, age, condition.

A fully restored steinway baby grand piano can cost around $25,000 and up; while an upright (not as common) will cost less, usually around $15,000 as a very general ballpark.


The more fancy steinway grand piano, like the "Louis XV" style fetch higher prices around the $75,000 mark, and over $100,000.


You can also buy unrestored pianos at a much lower cost and then arrange to have them restored or rebuilt to the level that you want.

Please note: a price guide for these pianos is almost impossible to provide, because each piano is different, so please don't take these approximates too literally - they are just to give you an idea as to what prices you might be looking at.

Prices from place to place also vary significantly - so I would definitely have a look at a few different retailers, and try as many pianos as you can for comparison.

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