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Sarah McLachlan Songs, Read Piano Notes

Sarah Mclachlan lyrics, play and sing sarah mclachlan songs, piano song notes

Sarah Mclachlan is one of my favourite singer songwriters. Her music is evocative and beautifully written, and not too complicated for a beginning pianist to pick up.

Sarah Mclachlan Angel

So if you're learning how to read music notations and play around with some piano chord progressions, you'll have some fun with this section. I've included Sarah Mclachlan lyrics, too, so you can sing as you play.

Piano Notes Chart, Learn Piano Chord Progressions....

Here's what I've put together so far.

I've selected a few of my favourite tunes and will show you some of the piano chord progressions she uses in her music.

If you've never heard of Sarah before and want to find out more about this very talented artist, I've also put together a short

Sarah McLachlan Biography .

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