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Learning To Read Piano Notes and Reading Music Notes

I want to learn how to read piano notes and play music - whats the best way?

What books and software are good for learning how to read piano music? I guess the first step is learning to read music notation - like notes and all those symbols? to figure out how to read piano sheet music. I was wondering if there was any software or books that you could recommend?

PS I'm not near any music stores and I don't have transport (I have no car, college campus) so was hoping for recommended books I could buy off Amazon or something. I also can't afford a teacher at the moment.


Hi Jess,

I'll give you a couple of ideas that will help you learn to read music and sheet music of all kinds.

On Amazon, you could try a number of different music tutor books, the ones I recommend most are Piano Adventures by Nancy & Randall Faber. They are all structured in a way that you can start at the first level (their Primer books) and progress up to the next level when you are ready.

These books will show you how to read piano music. I believe these books make learning to read music fun and the lessons are easy to follow.

If you want to use software and more visual stuff, I'd try Rocket Piano which will show you how to read music and play songs. You also get some 'freebies' thrown in like a note-reading game you can play on the computer and other things to help you learn notation.

Best of luck!

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