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Player Piano Prices, Player Piano Parts, Player Piano Repair Costs

Check out player piano prices, from an antique player piano to a digital player piano. Whether you're interested in an upright player piano or a grand yamaha player piano find out all you need to know...


Price Guide (Approximate)

Prices can range from a few thousand dollars to around $25,000 or higher - all depending on whether it is new or used, whether it has been restored, refinished or rebuilt, how old it is and the condition that it's in.

On average, I'd say you could find an antique player piano for sale around $16,000, as a very rough ballpark.

Player Piano Parts and Piano Player Repair Costs

At some stage, you might need to buy player piano parts and accessories - leather nuts selling for less than a dollar, through to brass elbows costing a few hundred or even a thousand; as well as player piano rolls which can be bought from $10 to $20 each approximately.

Player piano repair costs also need to be factored in as well - rebuilding refinishing and restringing can set you back between $7,000 and $10,000 (possibly more or less, depending on the original condition).

Digital Player Piano

Don't forget, you can find 'play-back' features on a more modern, 'hybrid' acoustic/digital pianos, like the Yamaha player piano Disklavier uprights which cost around $10,000 as well as their digital grand piano models (costing alot more, though - around $40,000!).


If you'd like helping finding an antique piano player, please feel free to

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