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Play Piano Music - Is Age Important

Is 15 too late to learn piano and play piano music well?

I'm 15 and I really want to learn piano. My question is if it's too late to learn piano and get really, really good at it. And do you have any tips for learning? Thanks! PS I'll only be able to practice about twice a week because I have other school stuff happening on the other days.



You are definitely not too old to learn the piano. If you were 50 years old and asking the same question, I'd have the same answer. You are never too old to learn.

Ideally, if you can practice a little every day, say 20 minutes, that would be ideal and would ensure that you are progressing well. Still, twice a week is fine if that is all you can do.

In order to be a very accomplished piano player, it will take alot of time and dedication on your part, probably at least a few years. But I'm talking about more advanced levels; you will be able to play fun, easy piano songs in a relatively short space of time.

In terms of tips for learning, if you are looking for books to help you, you could try the Piano Adventures series by Randall and Nancy Faber (found on Amazon), which I use myself when teaching beginners and even more advanced students. These books will teach you all kinds of styles of music, from classical to spanish type and boogie/blues, and will of course teach you how to read piano song notes.

Best of luck Emma

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