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The Bechstein piano company (C Bechstein) was founded in 1853 by Carl Bechstein, and fast came the piano of choice for many concert pianists and composers including Debussy and Liszt.


In 1881, Bechstein began supplying pianos to Queen Victoria and was later patronised by royalty in Russia, Spain, Italy, and Denmark.

Bechstein pianos are still considered some of the world's finest, known for their exceptional quality, sound and playing experience.

The Beatles used a Bechstein concert grand piano to record songs including Hey Jude and songs on their "White Album"; Elton John recorded "Your Song" and many other songs on a handmade, Bechstein concert-sized instrument that was over one hundred years old.

Prices Guide For Bechstein Pianos

New upright pianos generally start at about $17,000 and up, with grand pianos starting at about $40,000 and up.


You can also search for a bechstein piano for sale with a reduced price or you could look for second hand pianos - an upright can often be found for less than $10,000.

A Bechstein antique grand piano can cost $50,000 (or lower or higher, depending on the age and condition.

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