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Piano Serial Number Search

Piano Serial Number Search....How Old Is My Piano?

As you probably already know, the serial number on your piano will tell you the date your piano was made (how much it is worth is a different story, though! :)).

Finding piano serial numbers isn't always easy, because it can be in any number of places and there could be other numbers stamped on the piano.

On grand pianos, they tend to be inside under the lid, on the gold plate in any number of places eg near the strings, in front of the keyboard etc.

On upright pianos, they are often at the top somewhere, sometimes on the back panel, or if you lift the lid it might be on the gold plate inside.

Serial numbers can have five to seven digits, although they could have less or more, or even have a letter in it.

There are literally thousands of piano manufacturers with different serial numbers, too great to list here.

If would like to understand your Yamaha piano serial numbers or the age of your piano, I would suggest either contacting your local piano dealer who can help; or going online where you can have a search done for you, for a small fee, to find out the age of your piano.

It can be time consuming (and often frustrating) trying to do it yourself.

You could also have a professional appraisal done to determine the piano's worth, and find out the approximate age of your piano at the same time.

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