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How can I improve my understanding of piano notes and keys, are there any exercises I could try to help play piano music notes better.

I've been trying to learn piano through self-study (and practice) but I can't get used to the finger positioning. I find myself placing the wrong finger on the key I'm supposed to play, and it's happening alot. How can I fix this?

Also, what are some basic but very effective exercises I can do to help myself start out playing the piano better? Thanks in advance!

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your note, and I'm sorry to hear your frustration. Fingering is tricky I know and not easy to pick up easily.

I'm not sure how long you've been playing for? It might simply be a matter of time before your brain can translate what you see (the finger number) to what finger you play on the piano.

One question, obvious I know, but are you actually writing the finger numbers on the sheet music itself?

That way you will learn the same piece of music consistently ie with the same finger numbers, so eventually your fingers will know the particular piano music notes from memory and you'll play without having to think about it.

If you don't have any particular fingering written down, then it will be hard to 'train' your fingers.

In terms of exercises, I would suggest popping into your local music store and asking for the 'technique' and 'notespeller' books, which specifically have exercises to help you learn to read music notes and improve your playing, often using piano note charts and things like that to help.

Or, if you want to browse on Amazon, I would recommend the Piano Adventure series, which has technique books which have exercises specifically for helping you to improve your playing technique - ie with strong fingers, faster, with more control etc. You could try the primer level technique book, this is the beginner level, or the Level 1.

Technique is really important, and something that is often neglected especially if you are learning on your own and don't have a teacher there to guide you. Basic things like how to hold your hand when playing the piano notes and keys, wrists and fingers are important in both your playing and for the sake of your posture and preventing injury or strain.

Hope this helps, any more questions please drop me a line, happy to help.

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