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Piano Music Notes - How To Properly Learn Them

How do I properly play piano music notes ie learn songs on the piano?

Do I practice it with the right hand by itself first than the left hand by itself and finally both?

Whats the proper method for reading and playing piano notes and keys? I'm stuck. :(


Dear Candice,

There is not fixed and fast rule or 'proper' method for learning to play piano music notes; I'll describe how I approach this as a piano teacher, and what works well with my students of all ages.

Hands separately is always a good idea to start with, rather than attempting to try both hands at once.

You can try the right hand part then the left, or vice versa, it doesn't matter.

I wouldn't also try and 'learn' the whole piece in one session.

Always start with small 'chunks'. So, start with just one bar. Try the right hand, then the left hand. If you learn that pretty quickly, try the first line of music (which might be 4 bars, for example) - still stick with just the left or right hand on its own.

I would continue to learn the whole piece, hands separately at first, until you feel really comfortable with the piano notes and keys and of course your playing.

Only then, should you try to then put both hands together and play. This is when it can get challenging!

SLOW practice is also important when you play piano music at first - ie play at a slow speed. Start slow, and only when you feel confident you're getting the notes right, you can speed up (if you need to).

Again, take it slowly, one bar at a time. Then just one line at a time. Take a break for the rest of the day, then the next time you sit down for a practice, refresh yourself with that first line, then try and tackle the second line. Spend maybe 30 minutes each practice session.

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