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Piano Man Song

The Piano Man song, released in 1973, was Billy Joel's first major hit and still remains one of his most well loved and enduring of all his music.

The song was inspired by Billy's time as a saloon singer, and the colourful characters that spent time at the bar.

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Piano Man is written in 3/4 time (sometimes called waltz time), which is unusual for music of this type (usually 4/4 time is used).

Piano Man is built around one main chord progression, that is repeated throughout the song.

The chords themselves are not really that complicated or difficult to play...but the sequence of chords makes it instantly recognisable.

I have included here a 'simplified' version of the left hand chords to show you.

The chords are:

C Major
E Minor
A minor 7
E Minor
F Major
C Major
D Major
G Major.

If you play these and sing along with the tune, you'll hear how this chord progression works.

Billy Joel Chords - Billy Joel Song Piano Man


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