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Piano Keyboard Keys - What Is The Right Size

Number Of Piano Keyboard Keys - Is 88 Essential?

When you first start out learning how to play the piano, is it better to learn on a full sized 88 key piano or digital piano?

I've seen smaller 61 and 37 key keyboards...what's the difference from 88 piano key notes? Is it better to learn on a full sized piano?



Ideally you should learn on a 88 key piano. Sure, when you're first starting out, it is unlikely that you will need to play music that uses all 88 piano notes and keys.

But this is a standard size and anything smaller will be limiting in the long run. Once you progress to more advanced music, you will need to have the full 88 keys anyway. (The piano key layout is pretty much the same, it just doesn't have quite the same number of keys).

Also, one very important thing to watch out for. When you do decide to buy your keyboard or piano, make sure that your piano is 'touch sensitive'.

This basically means that the piano key notes will respond to your finger pressure, making them sound quiet or loud.

This is really important. If you don't have this, you will have no control over the volume of the music and if you do ever decide to progress to an acoustic or digital piano (which have touch sensitive keys), it will be very hard for you and your hands to adjust.

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