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Understanding Piano Keyboard Keys And Piano Keyboard Layout

Does it matter about the piano keyboard keys?

My boyfriend wants to learn piano, would it be ok for him to learn on keyboard first? I can't really afford a piano and we haven't got any space for it just now.

So I'm wanting to get him a keyboard at Christmas, but I dunno if it's suitable. Is it good for him to learn on keyboard or would it be too different from learning piano?


Dear Hannah

It is perfectly fine to learn on a keyboard. I agree, they can be cheaper than an acoustic piano.

In fact, there are many other advantages to using a keyboard instead - you will be able to use headphones if you want privacy, it will be transportable and better if space is an issue; and you will not need to pay for it to be tuned.

Just remember that whatever keyboard you choose must have 'touch sensitive' keys, basically meaning that the keys will respond to how hard or soft you press down on them, by making the sound either quiet or soft. This is really important and comes as a standard feature with most keyboards but make sure you check first before buying anything.


Also make sure that the keyboard has 88 keyboard keys, which is standard and better in the long run than the smaller ones eg 61 keys.

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