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Piano Key Layout

Finding Middle C - Piano Keyboard Layout

The piano key layout can be understood more easily once you know where to find Middle C.

Think of middle C as the 'anchor', a good reference point to work with.

As a general guide, when reading music notes, any keys above (ie, to the right of) middle C are usually played by the right hand; any keys below (ie, to the left) of middle C is generally played by the left hand.

Layout Piano Keys - How Do I Find Middle C?

Middle C guessed the middle of the keyboard layout-piano-keys.

To find middle C on a standard, 7 octave keyboard, start with the very lowest key on your piano (usually an "A", the furthest key to the left) and move up four "C" keys from the bottom (to find out where the "C" keys are, take a look at my piano key chart.

Some of my students like to put a sticker on middle C so you can quickly and easily find it - not a bad idea at the beginning.

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