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Piano Information

This section covers some handy piano information which you will need to know if you're planning on buying and/or playing the piano.

We'll be adding to this regularly so don't forget to come back often for updates!

Different Piano Manufacturers

Find out about the different types of pianos as well as some of the big brands like Steinway, Yamaha, or Bechstein, as well as lesser known treasures like Estonia.

And last but not least, the Fisher Price Piano for baby's first piano concerts!

You can also learn more about how much pianos can cost, from Antique Piano Values and Yamaha Piano Prices to Used Piano Prices and Player Piano Prices.

How To Tune A Piano

Is it possible to tune a piano yourself? Find out how to tune a piano here...

How To Move A Piano

If you're buying a piano, you'll have to move it at some stage, find out the

how to move a piano if you want to do it yourself.

Famous Piano Players

See videos and fun facts about famous pianists, famous piano composers, famous jazz musicians and other famous piano players.

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