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Free Piano Chords, Chord Progression Chart

Music chord chart and common chord progressions

I've also created this piano chords lesson in video format on my free piano online lessons page - you might like to have a look at this too.

A chord is basically a group of notes played at the same time. Whether you play piano or guitar, it means the same thing.

A lot of modern music - whether that’s pop, folk, country, rock, jazz or blues - is based on chords.

The most common types of chords and common chord progressions are what we call major and minor chords.

Chords are built from the piano scale, here’s an example to illustrate.

If you play these three notes at the same time, this is the C major chord. You’ll see that these are the 1st, 3rd and 5th note of the C major scale.


C Major Chord

However, if you change one of the piano key notes – instead of an E, you are playing an E flat, you will be playing a C minor chord (and this is also the 1st, 3rd and 5th note of the C minor scale).


C Minor Chord

Now, if you play the first chord (C major), and then the second (C minor), notice how different they sound.

As a general guide, major chords sound bright and happy, and minor chords sound more sad and/or 'dramatic'.

Try playing the two different chords, you’ll be able to hear it.

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