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Piano Bench Plans -
Build Your Own Piano Bench

Here are some free piano bench plans so you can make your own piano bench or stool.

If you're handy around the house (which I am definitely not!!) and want to try and make your own piano bench (I can't even put together something from IKEA)....:)...there are plenty of DIY plans and kits available.

You can buy piano bench 'kits' online, as well as instruction guides to take you through step by step.

I've found some FREE PIANO bench do-it-yourself plans which you can download. Please take a look at these sites for more information.

  1. Plan 1

  2. Plan 2

  3. Plan 3

  4. Plan 3

And finally, Here is one for an adjustable piano stool.

Building it yourself can be a fun project, and can save you money too.

You could even play around and shape the legs in a special way, or do some interesting designs to make it really unique.

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