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Music Symbols, Music Note Symbols

Common Symbols Of Music Notations

Music symbols haven't really changed that much over the centuries; when Mozart was composing his famous symphonies back in the 1700s, he would have used the same music note symbols that we see today in modern sheet music.

Its amazing to think that, no matter what part of the world you live in, what language you speak or what style of music you are playing, symbols of music have the same 'message':

  1. what to play (ie what sound, or pitch); and

  2. how to play them (eg fast, slow, quiet or loud).

Being able to read and understand sheet music will open up a whole new world of playing and possibilities!


What Do These Symbols Mean?

There are literally hundreds of symbols - but don't worry, you don't need to learn all of them, especially at the beginning.

I will cover some of the most common and important symbols of music notations, used for all kinds of instrumental music, from piano, to guitar and flute....even voice.

I've also included some piano videos, such as this one, so you can listen and watch as you learn.

Music Note Symbols

How to read music notes and note types - quarter note, half note and whole note.

Sheet Music Symbols - Rests

Silence is just as important as noise in music - see what symbols are used to tell you when not to make a sound!

How To Read Music Notes - Rhythm

Symbols for rhythm - bars, bar lines and time signatures.

If you can learn some of the most common symbols, you will come a long way to understanding how to read piano music notes, and sheet music in general.

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