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Music Note Names, Music Note Values

What are the most common music note names and music note symbols?

I get confused between all the different quarter and half notes. I'm also noticing that other books use different names, like minim and crotchet. Whats the difference, I'm finding it very confusing!



You will find that most teacher and tutor books will use either American or British terminology. This is why it can be confusing sometimes.

Depending on where you live, I would try and learn one or the other, and not both (at least in the beginning), just to make things easy on yourself when you're learning.

Here are three of the most common terms for note, including music note values :

  1. One count: crotchet (UK), quarter note (US)

  2. Two counts: minim (UK), half note (US)

  3. Four counts: semibreve (UK), whole note (US)

Here is a music note chart which summarises this:

AmericanUK Music Note Values
quarter notecrotchet one count
half noteminim two counts
whole notesemibrevefour counts

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