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Is the Kawai upright piano right for you?
Compare different types of pianos, from Wurltizter to Kawai and even antique upright pianos.

Kawai has long been a favourite with piano teachers and schools, and is equally suited for the home.

Kawai have been making acoustic (both upright and grand) pianos for many years and have a very good reputation.

If you're interested in buying a Kawai yourself, take a look at the "K" professional series, that start at around $4,000USD.

The K15-E is one of the best entry level pianos from Kawai, and is an excellent choice for the beginning pianist.


Kawai K15E

There are lots of different models at different prices - so shop around, and try and play a Kawai if you can. It's very much down to personal preference - whether you like the sound of a Kawai (over a Roland or Yamaha, for example), is a completely individual choice.

Also, keep in mind you might be able to find a used upright piano or other old upright pianos (eg discontinued models) from Kawai that are discounted or on sale - your local piano retailer might have some in stock or can point you in the right direction as to where to look.

(Don't forget too, if an acoustic upright is a little too pricey for your situation, or you don't have the room, you might want to take a look at the Kawai digital piano, as an alternative. They can be significantly cheaper, and take up less space).

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