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Kawai Digital Piano Reviews

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The Kawai digital piano, along with Yamaha and Casio, is another very popular choice, not just for beginners but more advanced students as well.

Kawai has an excellent reputation and has been manufacturing pianos for more than 80 years.

They are known more for their acoustic pianos, and are relative newcomers to the digital piano market; but I have found both their acoustic and digital models to be some of the best around, along with Yamaha.


Kawai CL25

If you are thinking about buying a digital piano, you'll need to budget around $1,000USD and up.

Some of the most popular models include CL25, CL35, CN22, CN32 and CA51 and CA93.

The CL25 is one of the cheapest of the Kawai range, starting at around $1200 USD; (just so you can see the price difference let's do an acoustic vs digital piano comparison: for an acoustic, prices start around $4-5,000 for a basic Kawai upright piano, and can hike up to around $70,000 and higher for a grand piano.)

Some of the higher end models include the CA111 which will cost you around $6,000.

You might also like to check out the Kawai CE200.

You can buy them from places like Musicians Friend or Sam Ash.

Kawai is definitely a brand that I would recommend to my own students.

You can find kawai pianos online through Musicians Friend in the US or if you're in Europe try Thomann Cyberstore.

Online, you will find mostly digital Kawai upright pianos; if you're looking for a used kawai piano or even a kawai baby grand grand piano, I'd recommend finding a piano retail store in your local area so you can see what options are available.

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