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Jansen Piano Bench Review

A Jansen piano bench is known for high quality and durability.

Jansen is the preferred bench manufacturer for Steinway, Yamaha and Baldwin; you'll often see these benches in many a concert hall.

The most popular models are the 'artist bench', which comes in a few different sizes, and is an adjustable piano bench.

The legs and frame are made from solid maple hardwood (sometimes solid oak, walnut or mahogany as well).

The upholstery/fabric can be vinyl or leather and is padded, and 'tufted'.


The 'petite' artist bench is the smallest (and cheapest) and is best suited for small size grand pianos, uprights and practice rooms. These are 21 1/2 by 13 inches.

The standard artist bench is 21 1/2 inches by 16 1/2 inches, while the 'duet size' is great for families, measuring 33 inches by 16 1/2.

Jansen also has wood top benches, like the grand piano bench measuring 14 by 33 by 19 high; or the upright piano benches measuring 14 by 29 by 20 inches high.

You can also find 'upholstered' benches which are padded but not adjustable and a little more simple in design. They have sizes suitable for a digital, grand, upright and organ.

Jansen also makes adjustable piano stools.


Prices range from approximately $100 to $750, depending on the size and style.

The wooden and upholstered piano benches are the cheapest, while the artist benches are at the top end of the price range. Look out for a piano bench for sale for reduced prices.

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