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How To Read Piano Music and Read Piano Notes

How to read piano music without a teacher to help me?

I can't afford a teacher and learning to play piano music has been a dream of mine for a long time. How can I learn how to read piano notes and play without a proper teacher? It's a passion I have wanted for so long! Help please!!


Dear Sophia,

It is wonderful that you feel so passionate and motivated about learning how to read piano music and play. That is a big, crucial step in reaching your goal.

It is definitely possible to learn piano without a teacher, the main ingredient you need is dedication and motivation (which it sounds like you have!)

The books that I have found most successful is the series by Nancy & Randall Faber, called "Piano Adventures". I have used these books for teaching young kids, teenagers and young adults. They will teach you how to read music notes and of course read piano notes and read piano sheet music too.

The reason why I like them is that they don't just cover lessons, they also have supplementary books for learning theory, technique (ie making sure you play the right way ie hand position etc) and ear training (ie training your musical ear). So a really good, well rounded musical base to build from. You can find these on Amazon or in your local sheet music store.

If you want something a little more visual, I would suggest Rocket Piano which comes with both books and CDs.

Another interesting method is learning how to read piano tabs, you can find my tutorial on how to do this here.

I do hope that you find some books and things to help you, and my best wishes to you.

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