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How To Move A Piano

Just like piano tuning,

how to move a piano needs some careful thought and if possible, expert help.

Personally, whenever I have needed to move a piano (for example, when moving house), I have always had professional piano removalists handle it for me.

But, moving a piano yourself is definitely possible, especially if you have an upright piano. And maybe you just need to move a piano from one part of the house to the other.

What You'll Need

  • a piano dolly*

  • 4 strong people

  • several blankets

  • rope or straps, and

  • a moving truck if required.

*A piano dolly is like a mini trolley you put under the piano to move it around.

Here is what a piano dolly looks like.

Handy Hints For Moving A Piano

  1. Lift the piano and place on the piano dolly so that the dolly is sitting in the middle of the piano;

  2. Cover the piano edges with blankets to protect it from damage through bumping walls and furniture.

  3. Secure the piano to the dolly with the straps/rope;

  4. You should be able to move it around quite easily now through the wheels on the piano dolly.

Note: if you have more than a couple of steps to navigate, consider hiring professionals. Pianos are really very heavy and if not handled properly can cause injury and damage to floors and property.

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