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Hey Jude The Beatles

Learn Hey Jude The Beatles, how to play Hey Jude chords and other beatles piano music!

So what are the main Hey Jude chords? F Major, C Major, and Bb major. Sometimes they are eleborated a little (eg C7) but these are the foundation for the song.

Here are the chord progressions with the lyrics, for the main verses:

F Major - Hey Jude, Don't Make It
C Major - Bad, Take A
C7 - Sad Song, And It Make It
F Major - Better...Re
Bb Major - member, to let her into your
F Major - heart, then you can
C Major - start, to make it
F Major - better....


Beatles Music Videos - Hey Jude

Here is a video of Hey Jude so you can hear the chords as you play...

Hey Jude Lyrics

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