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Free Online Piano Lessons

Beginners Piano Lessons, Learn To Play Piano Online

Welcome to my free online piano lessons (including videos!).

These lessons are dedicated to the beginner, although they can also be very handy as a refresher if you'd like to brush up on some of the basics.


In these lessons we'll cover not just how to play the piano, but how to read sheet music and understand common music notations as well.

Free Piano Online Lessons

L1: How To Play A Piano Correctly

Learn how to play the piano using the right posture, hand, wrist and arm position.

L2: Piano Key Notes and layout piano keys lesson

Understand the piano key layout, and the pattern of the black and white piano notes and keys.

You can also watch my Learn Piano Online video to accompany this lesson.

L3: Piano Key Chart

All about the musical alphabet, using piano key charts (covered in this video also.)

L4: Piano Key Layout - Middle C

Find out where middle C is on the piano, and how it can help you when reading music notes and piano song notes.

L5: Reading Music Notes

Let's put the theory into practice: read piano notes and then actually play them (includes a video as well).

More Helpful Articles And Resources


Music Symbols

The most common music notations, and what they mean. Learn these, and you will ultimately be able to read and play sheet music for any instrument.

Included in the free Learn To Play Piano Online video course.

Complete Piano Notes Chart

Download a free piano notes chart (actually we have two that you can use!) which shows the full piano key layout, with all the alphabet names.

How To Read Piano tabs

What are piano tabs? How are they different from the standard musical notations?

Lastly, you might also like to have a look at a couple of videos I've created, playing some of the songs that you can download (and play yourself!) right here on this website, as part of my online piano course video series.

I'll be adding to this over the coming weeks so check back often!

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