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Fisher Price Piano

The fisher price piano is pretty cute. It doesn't really look like the 'real thing' of course, but it's a great little toy for babies and toddlers and is a wonderful way to introduce the joys of music and piano.

This is the one I had for my baby in her crib, and you can find them on Amazon, perfect for young bubs.

It has a couple of ties that you wrap around the crib slats; you can also take it out and lay on the floor to play with as a toy.


This one is good for older babies who can crawl. It has an interactive songbook with pages to turn over, keys that light up, sing-along songs and lots of other activities to keep them amused.


All these pianos cost around $30 although you might be able to find a second-hand for less.

Hope your little one enjoys their 'first' piano!

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