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Famous Piano Players, Famous Pianists

There have been many talented and famous piano players throughout the course of history, covering all styles from classical to jazz and popular music.

Mozart(1756-1791) is at the top of our list of 'favourites'. He was an extremely gifted musician, composing his own music by age five and touring the courts of Europe as a child piano prodigy at age six.

Beethoven was also one of the most famous piano composers and performers of his time.

He wrote more than 30 piano sonatas - including the Moonlight Sonata, several concertos and a wide range of other piano pieces (including one of the most famous piano pieces of all, Für Elise.)

Liszt was another piano virtuoso who wrote music of enormous difficulty....have a listen to one of his most famous piano pieces, Hungarian Rhapsody...

Rachmaninoff was known for having unusually large hands, apparently being able to reach a span of 14 notes at a time. Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini is one of his most enduring pieces.

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