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Elton John Your Song

Elton John Your Song is a gorgeous ballad, with a mix of piano, guitar and strings.

The song was originally released as a 'B' side to Take Me To The Pilot, but Your Song proved to be more popular.

Your Song was Elton's first pop hit, rising to the top ten in both the UK and US charts.

Here is the original video and recording.

Your Song Elton John

Playing Your Song Elton John

I think that this song, in its original version, would be quite difficult for the beginner to play.

Here are the main chord progressions in the first verse...not that easy to follow if you're new to the piano.


So, I am going to transcribe some sections of the music to an easier version, to show you the lovely chord progressions Elton uses in this song.

These are the chords used in the 'intro' (ie first few bars), where Elton plays piano on its own before starting with the first verse.


Here is the chord progression used when Elton sings the part "I Hope You Don't Mind" (see the song lyrics for more info).


Your Song Elton John Lyrics

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