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What are some good easy piano songs to learn?

I am not a very good player but I still love to play. I am into many different styles of music. So any ideas or examples would be great, songs on the easy side would be ideal.


Hi Brett,

It's great that you are open to many different styles, as this gives you so many more options.

Here are a few suggestions of songs for the piano that aren't too difficult.

  1. Apologise (Republic)

  2. Clocks (Coldplay)

  3. Unfaithful (Rihanna)

  4. You're Not Sorry (Taylor Swift)

  5. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley (piano cover used in Shrek)

  6. James Bond Theme

  7. Don't Stop Believing (Journey)

  8. River Flows In You (Yiruma)

Best of luck with your piano playing.

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