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Digital Grand Piano Guide, Grand Piano Prices

All about the digital grand piano: how to find the best digital piano or digital player piano for your needs.

The elegance and refinement of an acoustic, but with the added benefits of digital technology. (And they will also cost less than an acoustic grand!)


Roland RG-7

Digital grand pianos come in different sizes, from compact or 'mini' to full blown concert grands; many of these pianos also have playback, or digital player piano features where the piano will 'play' by itself (complete with moving keys!).

Grand Piano Prices

Prices can start from as low as $5,000; some of the top end models will cost around $35,000 and higher.

In my experience, the most reputable digital grands in the market at the moment are made by Roland and Yamaha.

Pianos To Try

So which are the best digital pianos on the market today?

A good place to start is the Roland digital piano RG series, like the RG 1-F, RG3 (a 'mini' digital grand), or RG7.


Roland RG-1F Digital Grand Piano

They are very reasonably priced, with the reliability, good quality and solid reputation of a Roland.

Other digital player piano grand models made by Roland include:

  • Roland KR-117M Intelligent Grand Digital Player Piano

  • Roland RG-7-R Digital Grand Player

  • Roland KR-115M Digital Mini-Grand Player Piano

The Yamaha Digital Pianos Avantgard is a relative newcomer to the market, first introduced in early 2009, and costs around $20,000 ($100k less than the acoustic equivalent and half the size).

The Avantgard has moved even closer to reproducing the feel and sound of an acoustic grand piano. Samples have been taken from Yamaha's CFIIIS concert acoustic grand piano (which costs $120,000 by the way!!), and a 'tactile response system' is used which somehow 'communicates' the vibrations of the strings to the player's hands.

Even the pedals are said to have the same sensation as those on an acoustic. Speakers have been strategically embedded in the piano cabinet to replicate the feel and sound of an acoustic grand.

At the higher end are the state-of-the-art Yamaha Disklavier series, which was first introduced in 1986 as a 'hybrid' acoustic/grand piano, all in one entertainment system that included playback features.


Yamaha Grand Piano Disklavier

Prices for these models seem to range from around $25,000 and up (you will rarely see prices online).

Where To Buy A Digital Grand Piano?

Buying any piano, especially a grand, is a serious investment. I would highly recommend visiting your local piano retailer so that you can try them yourself before making any final decisions, so that you can find the best digital grand piano for your needs and budget.

Sometimes this isn't always possible, however, so the next best thing is to search online or find a retailer that can ship to you and also provide reliable advice to long distance customers.

In the UK, I'd recommend trying Bonners Music, ph 01323 639 335.

In the US, Chicago Pianos is excellent, delivers nationally and internationally, and can help and advise depending on your budget and needs. Their phone number is: (630) 584-5000.

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