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Common Chord Progressions, Piano Chord Progressions

Now letÂ’s take a look at some common chord progressions.

A chord progression is simply a series of chords played one after the other.

So, if you played the C major chord and then the G major chord, this would be a chord progression. Or if you played the G major chord followed by the C major chord, this would be another chord progression.

A lot of modern music these days uses quite simple piano chord progressions that are repeated over and over.

Let's take a few 'real' examples....

The Beatles Song Hey Jude uses basic chord progressions of C major, F major and Bb major chords.

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away uses mostly G, D, F and C major chords.

Desperado by the Eagles uses beautiful piano chord progressions of G major, C major, C minor, B minor and E minor.

Don't forget, too, how chords are based on scales, so I'd highly recommend learning some of these, too.

We've put together some more useful chord progressions, including a chord progression chart, that you might like to take a look at, too. You can play around with them to see how they sound; you could even use them as a basis for

how to write a song.

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