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If you are on a budget, the Casio portable keyboard PX130 is one of the best music keyboards I have come across (along with the Yamaha P85).

You can buy them online through music retailers like in the UK or (US) for around USD$500.

The price may be cheap, but this isn't a cheap sounding keyboard - trust me on this one!

The sound quality and key weight of this keyboard is excellent for the price - one of the best in this price range, I think.

It has all the minimim features that I would want myself - 88 keys, scaled hammer action (reproducing the weight and feel of an acoustic), and an authentic piano touch and sound.

The optional SP-32 pedal board has all three pedals - soft, sostenuto and damper - just like an acoustic.

One of the best things about this keyboard, is that it's light and of course portable - so very easy take out with you if you need to.

If you're learning how to read piano music or play, there are some great educational features which you might enjoy. The keyboard can be split into two, so a student and teacher can play at the same time; you can also record and use the metronome, and then play it back to listen to what you've just played.

I also like that it has a USB connection so you can move songs to and from the computer, or save songs you've created yourself.

So, if you're looking for a good value, good quality casio portable keyboard, I would recomend taking a look at the PX130.

You might like to check out my suggestions for the best music keyboard in the Yamaha range, as well, for comparison. This is another inexpensive keyboard that has a very good feel and sound.

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