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Candle In The Wind, Video, Lyrics

Candle In The Wind 1997 has sold over 37 million copies, and is the biggest selling single of all time.

Here is a video of this moving tribute to Princess Diana: well as the original song released in 1973, in honour of Marilyn Monroe.

Playing On The Piano

When I actually had a look at the sheet music for this song, I was surprised to see how simple the chord structure is.

Candle In The Wind is built around two chords, A and E major; they are repeated many times throughout the song. B Major and C minor is also used occasionally, but apart from these, that's really it as far as the chords are concerned.


For example, this is the chord progression used when Elton sings "And it seems to me, you lived your life...etc" (see song lyrics):


The magic in this chord progression is the use of Cminor, when he sings "And I would have liked to have known you, when I was just a kid".


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