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C Major Scale

The C major scale is one of the easiest scales to play, and is usually the first one that students learn, because it doesn't have any black notes - they are all white.

In fact, this is the only scale that has all white notes.


How To Play This Scale

Here is how to play this scale with the right hand:

  1. Thumb on C

  2. Finger #2 on D

  3. Finger #3 on E

  4. - bring your thumb under your third finger -

  5. thumb on F

  6. Finger #2 on G

  7. Finger #3 on A

  8. Finger#4 on B

  9. Finger #5 (pinky) on C

And the left hand piano scale fingering:

  1. Finger #5 (pinky) on C

  2. Finger #4 on D

  3. Finger #3 on E

  4. Finger #2 on F

  5. thumb on G

  6. - bring your third finger over your thumb -

  7. Finger #3 on A

  8. Finger #2 on B

  9. Finger #1 on C

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