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Beatles Piano Songs - Let It Be

Beatles piano songs are so popular with my students - because everyone will know and recognise them (and might even sing along!)

Let It Be would have to be one of the most famous of all the beatles music.

The main piano chords used in this song are C Major, G Major, A minor and F major.

I'll list the chord progressions with the first verse, to show you how they fit together with the Let It Be Lyrics. These chords are then basically repeated with each verse/chorus.

Beatles Let It Be - Chord Progressions

C Major - When I Find Myself In
G Major - Times Of Trouble
A Minor - Mother Mary
F Major - Comes To Me
C Major - Speaking Words of
G Major - Wisdom, Let It
F Major - Be...Let It
A Minor - Be, Let It
G Major - Be, Let It
F Major - Be, Let It
C Major - Be...Whisper Words of
G Major - Wisdom, Let It
F Major - Be...


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PS Feel free to browse through my music symbols, piano chords and free online piano lessons if you'd like some help reading/understanding the music notations I've covered here.

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