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Antique Piano Values, Antique Piano Prices

Antique piano values, used piano prices there an official used piano price guide out there?

How I wish I could help with information about antique piano values and used piano prices. It is a question that is asked often, and quite rightly too.


The problem is, each and every antique or used piano is unique and has its own unique value. A piano could be worth over $100,000....or not even $50 for the removal.

A piano is made up of thousands of moving parts which wear down and deteriorate, different materials, different 'history' (eg did it sit in a room where it was subjected to changes in temperature? was it played frequently and by many people? was the previous owner a smoker?)


The word 'antique' conjures up images of 'vintage' and something that can be worth alot of money - which it can; but it can also be simply an old instrument that may not even be worth restoring.

It is quite possible to find an antique piano, restored, playable and in good condition, for a few hundred dollars; you could also buy one for over $100,000.

Understanding New and Antique Piano Prices


For many piano-lovers, The Piano Book by Larry Fine is a must read before buying a piano, new or used, and cuts through dealer 'hype' to help you understand both new and used piano prices.

You can buy The Piano Book through Amazon, very cheap for a used paperback version.

It will provide you with the knowledge you need to be better informed and savvy, whether you're interested in yamaha piano prices, grand piano prices or antique piano prices.

The next step would be to locate one or two antique piano dealers - preferably one that specialises in restoration as well - who have a genuine interest in antique pianos and restoring them (rather than just making a quick sale) and can guide you on your choice of piano.

How Old Is My Piano? What Is My Piano Worth?

If your interest in antique piano values is because you own an antique piano, then you will need an appraisal done by a professional who can visit your home and assess the value of your piano. The serial number found on your piano (often inside the instrument) can tell you how old your piano is, too.

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