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Are Antique Piano Stools The Right Choice?

Sometimes you can find cheap antique piano stools (like the three legged stools you seen in old western movies!), although I'd be very careful about these.

Often they can be:

  1. a strain on your spine if they are not of the highest quality, and

  2. the height adjustment never seems to work very well, if at all.

Ideally, the height should be able to be adjusted from 17 inches to 25 inches.

Be aware that some of the cheaper ones don't adjust enough, so that they end up being either too high or too low - which is not good at all, because it can put a strain on your back and/or arms and/or wrists.

The two stool manufacturers I'd recommend would be either Jansen or Poeschl, both of them the highest quality and with excellent reputation (and most adjustable). They cost around $250 each.

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