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Antique Piano Lamp

Looking for an antique piano lamp to match your beautiful antique piano....?


Lamps come in all different finishes and styles. You can choose from a classic brass or bronze finish or more elaborate styles with marble and glass.

The most important thing when looking for a lamp for your piano, is that it will give you enough light so that you can see the music you are playing, without straining your eyes.

In my experience, this means that the best 'style' would be the 'rectangular' shape, like this:


....rather than the more classic 'round' shape with a shade, which can look lovely but will give more of a 'diffuse' light and may not be strong enough to give enough direct light on your music.

This isn't always the case; just something to think about and I'm just commenting from my experience.

You can also find a piano floor lamp if you don't want a lamp sitting on the piano itself.


A vintage piano lamp can be purely decorative, but if it's there to use specifically for playing music on the piano, the light needs to be appropriate otherwise you'll be getting headaches if you're trying to read music that isn't well lighted and is throwing shadows.

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