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Antique Piano Bench - Read Before You Buy!

Before shopping for your antique piano bench, antique piano stool, or simply a used piano bench, read these handy hints so you're well armed with accurate information to make an informed choice.

An antique piano stool or bench, elaborately carved and beautifully upholstered, can be highly coveted and so much more than just a 'piano seat'.

Its sometimes tempting to grab the first gorgeous vintage piano bench for sale you come across, but its important to make sure that it will 'fit' with the piano you have and is good 'functionally'.


The colour should match the colour of the wood on your piano as much as possible.

Especially when you're dealing with antiques, the feet on the stool should try to match, as much as possible, the style of the 'feet' on the piano or it might look a little out of place.

Seat Height

A standard piano bench is: 14 inches wide/30 inches long/ 20 inches high although there are different sizes especially when it comes to antiques.

The important question is: is it an adjustable piano bench or antique piano stool? If not, you could risk having an antique piano bench that causes strain on your spine and arms because it's either too high or too low. This is really important - it can encourage some really bad habits and posture if the height isn't right and can't be adjusted.

An antique piano bench that isn't adjustable doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. In fact, most genuinely 'antique' piano benches aren't adjustable anyway!!. If you are lucky enough to try the seat yourself, with your piano (or a piano that is the same height as your own), and it is at the height that is perfect for you, then this may be OK - if you are the only one playing the piano on a regular basis.

On the other hand, if your kids or husband/wife are playing too, then it becomes more difficult. If they're young, they might be sitting too low and will need a cushion of some kind; and what will happen when they grow up, will the seat become too high? Also, an antique piano stool may not be practical if you plan on playing duets. These are just a few of the things will need to be considered (this is where an adjustable piano bench might be the best option.

Where to find the best antique piano bench

You can find an antique piano for sale online, usually for a few hundred dollars up to a thousand (possibly more) for the more rare pieces.

A used piano bench can be found cheaply through eg ebay, although I'd do your homework first and really find out as much about the items as possible - eg who is the manufacturer?

There are many cheap models that come from China and Korea and the quality is mediocre and so may not last that long.

You can easily search online for an antique piano bench, better still see if there is a local dealer in your neighbourhood so you can see it and try it for yourself before you buy.

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