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Angel Sarah McLachlan

Angel Sarah McLachlan - reading music notes and piano chord progressions

Angel by Sarah McLachlan is a beautiful, intimate and emotional song written for piano and voice. The track was featured in the 1998 movie City of Angels with Meg Ryan.

Angel is a reasonably simple piece to play on the piano, and I've put together a piano notes chart to show you some of the basic piano chord progressions.

Here is the original soundtrack:

Here is a live version where you can see Sarah play:

Sarah McLachlan Piano Chords

The chords and piano chord progressions in Angel by Sarah McLachlan are surprisingly simple and uncomplicated.

The "intro" section before the lyrics come in, are made up of two chords - C major and a combination of C and F chords (it can also be interpreted as 'sus' chord or C6):


Then the beautiful chorus ("In the arms of an angel....") uses the chord progressions C/Em/F/C/G:


This is how the piano chord progressions would follow with the lyrics:

C - arms of an angel, fly a-
Em - way from here, from this
F - dark, cold hotel room, and the
C -

endlessness that you
G - fear...

Sarah McLachlan Angel Lyrics

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