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Adjustable Piano Bench

Finding the best adjustable piano bench for your needs and budget.

Information on the yamaha piano bench, antique piano bench and other kinds of used piano bench.


Jansen Piano Bench

Points To Consider

Here are a few things you'll need to think about:

  1. Storage: do you need your bench to have a compartment where you can store your music books?

  2. Seat Style/Finish: Would you prefer a hard, wood surface and just put a piano bench cushion on top for comfort? Or do you want a padded vinyl seat?

  3. Materials and Colour: this will also affect the budget eg hardwood or steel etc.


If you're looking for the best around, the Jansen piano bench is one of the most popular, favoured by concert pianists, and made of hardwood and with different styles eg plain hardwood tops or padded vinyl seats, and will cost between $200 and $600.

Jansen manufactures all benches for Steinway, Yamaha (U.S.), Baldwin, and other top-tier pianos.

For something cheaper but still good quality, you can find a reasonably priced bench through Musician's friend, costing just under $100.

If you buy a new Yamaha piano, a Yamaha piano bench should usually come included, however if you need to buy one separately for whatever reason this shouldn't be a problem, although they can still cost around $300 brand new.

Lastly, If you are really tight on the budget, you could make one yourself and pick up some piano bench plans.

Also, antique piano stools or an antique piano bench might be more suited to the style of your piano, and can often come at a cheaper price.

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